Healing takes on so many forms. When I first met Jenn I was a stressed out mother needing answers. My son was out of sorts and so was my daughter. Then I became out of sorts myself. Her guidance with my kids and I has helped me untangle so much that I have been conflicted with in life. Her words of wisdom and guidance through Christ is extremely comforting as well. Through straight answers to dream interpretations, she has helped me understand what it is that I need to do not only for myself but as a parent. For some cosmic reason she feels like a sister, someone close in relation. If you are needing direction or a more in depth answer to something you are dealing with…this is where you will find it.

Jennifer Parker

Jennifer, you have given me such peace and helped clarify what needed to be done in my life. Your guidance, compassion, and complete understanding was heartfelt. Thank you for your wisdom and wonderful positive energy.



You are wonderful! I would best describe you as compassionate, understanding and kind. You are not judgmental and have provided clear advice which will be so very helpful in my situation.

Thank you.


Throughout my teenage years, into adulthood, through my dating life, and through my Journey with Christ, her conversations got me through my toughest days

On every occasion I’ve found that through her advice and our talks, I was not only able to vent to a friend but to know my views were validated and I¬†was also offered an outside view of each situation. It isn’t always what we want to hear, something it’s what we need to hear! I value her advice and company like a sister! Jennifer has made every problem so much better just by offering a lending ear, word of advice and friendly opinion. One of a kind
Hannah M

As one of Jennifer’s clients she never ceases to amaze me with her ability to guide me back home and show me my strength. She immediately reinforces that safe place where my truth is and aided and brings back my clarity. Jennifer is remarkable and has such a loving compassionate way with respecting you as a person and never makes you feel anything but supported. Thank you Jennifer for always making time for me and making feel as though we’ve known one another forever!!! You have a beautiful bright healing soul!! A true white light! Always inspired and grateful,


I hired Jennifer as a life coach for my daughter who had a baby very young. Jennifer worked with her on a weekly basis to get her on a goal path for the sake of my daughter and grandchild. My daughter was able to take direction from Jennifer when it was too difficult to hear other family help. Without Jennifers direction and compassion, my daughter would not have been able to map her short and long term goals with priority in mind. I am very grateful to Jennifer for starting my daughter on her own independent path.

Christy B